The Igneri were a pre-Colombian ethnic group that was once part of the Arawak tribe. They are said to have originated in the Orinoco region in Venezuela. They inhabited the Lesser Antilles and Puerto Rico. In Puerto Rico they were preceded by the Arcaico (Archaic) culture, who are believed to have originated in Central America, and followed by the Taíno culture, who came from South America. In the Windward Islands they were preceded by the Ortoiroid people, who came from South America, and were displaced or assimilated by the Island-Caribs, who also originated in South America.

The Igneri are believed to have arrived to Dominica in the year 400 while in St. Croix they are believed to have arrived in 650. They were characterized by their advanced pottery and their canoe craftmanship. They also brought horticulture to the Antilles. In Puerto Rico around the year 1000 the Igneri culture was replaced by the Taíno culture.

An archeolgical dig in Ponce, Puerto Rico revealed ball parks and ceremonial centers built by the Igneri. The area, known as the Tibes Indigenous Ceremonial Center, was abandoned for unknown reasons around the year 600. This site has revealed many importants aspects of the Igneri culture. Information such as the ceremonies, eating habits, ceramic styles and much more has been provided from this site. Evidence has been found that Igneris were farmers, fishers and hunters.

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