Moscheles, Ignaz, 1794-1870, Bohemian-German musician. Born in Prague, Moscheles was a child prodigy. He studied in Vienna with Johann Albrechtsberger and Antonio Salieri and prepared a piano score of Beethoven's Fidelio under the composer's direction. Moscheles toured Europe as a pianist and in 1832 conducted the British premier of Beethoven's Missa Solemnis. One of his pupils was Mendelssohn, at whose invitation he joined the Leipzig Conservatory faculty in 1846. There he became renowned for his teaching and his piano improvisation. In composition and performance he was unsympathetic to the romanticism of Chopin and Liszt. His works (142 opus numbers) include eight piano concertos. Moscheles translated A. F. Schindler's biography of Beethoven into English.
Günther, Ignaz, 1725-75, German sculptor. Günther produced numerous wood carvings that reveal mannerist and rococo influences. His elegant figures are elongated to the point of distortion, and the wood is brightly painted, as in his works for the church at Rott-am-Inn in Bavaria.
Seipel, Ignaz, 1876-1932, Austrian chancellor (1922-24, 1926-29). A Roman Catholic priest, he was elected to the Austrian parliament in 1919 and became leader (1921-29) of the Christian Socialist party. As chancellor he did much to stabilize finances by introducing stringent economies and securing an international loan guaranteed by the League of Nations. His criticism of parliamentary democracy and his support of the Heimwehr, the Austrian fascistic militia, are thought to have paved the way for the quasidictatorial rule of Dollfuss and Schuschnigg.
The Ignaz-Glaser-Symposium has been carried out since 2006 in Bürmoos near Salzburg by the Salzburger Bildungswerk.

Bürmoos was founded by the Prague Entrepreneur Ignaz Glaser in the 1880s. Therefore the town of Bürmoos is a relatively young town compared to the other establishments in the neighbourhood. As Bürmoos has emerged through immigration and has consistently grown, the integration of new Citizens is positively perceived.

Inspired by this circumstance, the organisers of the 1. Ignaz-Glaser-Symposions searched for towns with a similar background and initiated an exchange of experiences.

Therefore, representatives from Braunau/Inn, Freilassing, Hallein, Mauthausen, Telfs, Traunreut and Waldkraiburg will meet for this exchange of experiences in the community centre of Bürmoos between 21.-23. April 2006.

This Symposium, led by Andreas Maislinger, will annually take place at the end of April and be devoted to the issue of integration.

UNITED for Intercultural Action included the 1. Ignaz-Glaser-Symposium as 'good practice' in its 'Calendar of Internationalism', a project which publishes information about important events, seminars, training courses conferences, demonstrations, exhibitions, festivals etc. in the field of anti-racism, anti-nationalism, anti-fascism, support of migrants and refugees and human rights.

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