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For Fucks Sake (novel)

For Fucks Sake is a novel by Robert Lasner published in 2002 by Lasner's own publishing company, Ig Publishing. The book was generally well-received and achieved somewhat of a cult following.

The semi-autobiographical novel centers around the author as protagonist and his debauched and emotional search for love. The story progresses through three women which the protagonist believes he has fallen in love with: A lesbian bartender, in New Orleans; a New York girl, with whom he travels from the northeast to New Orleans; and finally, the wife of his best friend, whom he meets initially in Philadelphia but lives in the invented territory of "Winnesota". Though all his relationships fail ultimately, the author portrays a strong sense of increased maturity by the end of his third relationship.

Lasner's literary style in this novel is often compared with Hunter S. Thompson or Jack Kerouac, and more recently, contemporaries like Arthur Nersesian. His writing often takes an absurdist or stream of consciousness bent.

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