icount is a New Zealand political party. icount enables its members to vote on political issues on a continual basis, unrestricted by the three year election cycle. icount allows its members to actively participate in the direction of New Zealand by voting and commenting on every political decision put before Parliament. The icount party plans to contest the party list, with list candidates elected by the membership. Any list MPs elected will make a commitment to resign from Parliament if they do not vote as directed by the membership.

Under MMP

The icount party is comprised of ordinary and financial members. Each electoral year icount financial members are eligible to vote for count list party membership. Once elected, icount MPs are obligated to represent the views of icount members and to vote in Parliament in accodance with icount policy polls.

2008 Parliamentary Elections

In May 2008, icount began to actively recruit to meet the 500 party member threshold required by the New Zealand Electoral Commission for party registration. icount currently is in the process of building up a party structure in New Zealand, and intends to contest the 2008 elections with icount party list candidates.

The party was launched on 21 May 2008. The party's president is Paul O’Connor, who is also managing director of data mining company Datamine.

On 11 June 2008 the party advertised for list candidates.


The icount party is unique in that it has no set policies. icount policy is formulated (as and when required) by icount member policy polls.

To date icount members have voted for the following policy:

- Anti Smacking Legislation Reinstatement of Section 59 of the Crimes Act that 'Parents are justified in using force by way of correction towards a child if that force is reasonable in the circumstances'. Members will work towards a definition of the term 'reasonable'.

- Third Party Vehicle Insurance Compulsory third party motor vehicle insurance.

- Transportation Taxation Lower fuel excise tax. Retain GST on fuel.


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