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Ibrahim Pasha

Ibrahim Pasha

[ib-rah-heem pah-shah]
Ibrahim Pasha, 1789-1848, Egyptian general. He was the eldest son of Muhammad Ali, governor of Egypt under the Ottoman Empire. Ibrahim conducted (1816-19) largely successful campaigns against the Wahhabis in Arabia. He fought (1825-28) against the insurgent Greeks, but the landing of French troops forced him to withdraw from the country. After Muhammad Ali turned against the Ottoman sultan, Ibrahim conquered (1832-33) Syria. His attempts to apply to Syria the reforms that his father had introduced in Egypt caused a series of disorders. Warfare with the Turks was resumed in 1838, but British and Austrian military intervention on Turkey's behalf compelled Ibrahim to evacuate to Egypt. In 1848 he was regent of Egypt during his father's insanity.

(born 1789, Kavalla, Rumelia—died Nov. 10, 1848, Cairo, Egypt) Egyptian general. After helping train the new Egyptian army, he won military fame in Syria, defeating an Ottoman force, and Syria and Adana were ceded to Egypt, with Ibrahim as governor-general (1833). His administration was relatively enlightened; he created a consultative council and suppressed the feudal regime. Sultan Mahmud II (r. 1808–39) then sent an Ottoman army to invade Syria, and Ibrahim won his greatest victory in 1839 when the Ottoman fleet deserted to Egypt. However, the European powers, fearing the disintegration of the Ottoman Empire, forced the Egyptians to evacuate the occupied territories. Ibrahim became viceroy of Egypt in 1848 shortly before his death.

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Ibrahim Pasha is the name of several political and military leaders from Turkey and the Arab World during the Ottoman-era. These include (in chronological order):

tr: İbrahim Paşa

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