Ibn Khaqan

Al-Fath ibn Khaqan

Al-Fath Ibn Khaqan or Abu Nasr al-Fath ibn Mohammed Ibn Obeid Allah Ibn Khaqan Ibn Abdallah Al-kaysi al-Ishbili also spelled "Ibn Khakan" (died 1134) is a well known writer from al-Andalus. Al-Kaysi means: member of the tribe of Kais, al-Isbili: native of Sevilla. He is the author of "Qalaid Al-iqyan(transl. Necklace of Rubies) a biography of Andalusian poets who were his contemporaries with examples of their poems. His other best known work is "mathmah al anfus wa masrah at ta'annus fi mulah ahl al-Andalus" (The Aspiration of the Souls and the Theater of Congeniality in the Anecdotes of the People of al-Andalus). The works are written in rhymed prose full of metaphorical expressions and are an excellent source of information about the apogee of Andalusian letters.

The life of Ibn Khaqan is described in As-sadfi's 'Al-wafi fi-l-wafiyat'



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