IWon is a free casual game site and web portal that offers the chance to win cash and prizes through activities such as clicking through links or playing online games.


Activities on the website earn entries into daily, weekly, monthly cash sweepstakes and other giveaways. For example, performing an internet search earns 30 coins; you can win coins by playing games. Entries cost 100 coins each. The site is most known for awarding one prize of $1 million annually.



IWon claims that they have over 6000 winners a month and a winner every 45 minutes. As of September 12, 2008, iWon stated on its website that it had given away more than $71,564,389 in prizes to more than 275,976 winners.



The site features games like Mah Jong, Sudoku, Gold Raiders, and Ping Pong Mania.

Prize claims

Progressive jackpots

Every game is an opportunity for players to earn a series of spins for the progressive jackpot up to $3,000.

Company history

Among major early backers of iWon was Viacom, parent of CBS and MTV. It is now owned by Barry Diller's InterActive Corporation.

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