IRC admin

Internet Relay Chat admin

An IRC admin or Network Administrator is a title applying to a rank higher than Global Operator.

While an IRC operator or Global Operator normally has control over a single server in an IRC network, an IRC admin may have control of multiple, or even all of the servers in an IRC network. They can also be known as a Services Admin, Server Admin, or Netadmin, and each of these titles may have its own set of additional responsibilities, depending on the configuration of the network.

An IRC admin may have more powers than a regular IRCop. They may be able to add a g-line, which is a global network ban (instead of a regular Kill-Line, which bans a user from a single server). They are also able to control the servers, such as restart or shutdown the server program, and view privileged data that other users may not be able to.

They also have the same responsibilities as an IRCop. They are there to enforce the network rules, assist users, and perform other admin tasks.

An IRC admin often owns the server linked to the network and has some form of administrative access to it, usually through SSH or physical access.


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