IPADE, (PanAmerican Institute for High Business Direction) is the business school of Universidad Panamericana, or Pan-American University, a private university in Mexico. The institute, from which the university came out later, was founded in 1967 by a notable group of Mexican businessmen.

More than 22,000 graduates, many of them CEOs of Mexican and international companies, have passed through the Institute, which features primarily in the learning experience the use of cases. There is a strong philosophical insight for the businessman's chores and duties within the organization. IPADE has a Christian orientation, entrusted to the Opus Dei prelature.

Besides its campus in Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey IPADE organizes alternate and itinerant MBA courses throughout the republic.

The building in which IPADE holds its Mexico City campus is the seventeenth century Hacienda de San Antonio Clavería.


IPADE is ranked by many leading business publications.

  • Expansion Magazine (From CNN) rated IPADE in March 2008 the best MBA in Mexico.
  • According to the Wall Street Journal's 2007 ranking, IPADE was the fourth best 'international' business school (defined as a school rated highly by employers outside the United States), just after before London Business School and after IMD and ESADE.
  • IPADE was the 5th best international MBA (Two year program) in 2007 ranking at Forbes and the 1st in Latinamerica.
  • The Financial Times, in May 2007, ranking the school's New Skills and Learning at first highly, reflecting the salary of incoming students, the school also ranked highly for salary increase and career progress. In the same year, it ranked the school 14th worldwide for Directive Perfection Programs.

History of the Building

The Hacienda of San Antonio Clavería was formed in the last third of the seventeenth century. Its first propietor to be known was Domingo Bustamante, a Spaniard alleged to be descendant of a Charlemagne's nephew. This Hacienda was located within the limits of the borough of Azcapotzalco (in those days the pueblo Azcapotzalco) and even the Tacuba area. When Mr. Bustamante died the Hacienda was bought by a man surnamed Otero for a ridiculous sum of money.

The Hacienda barely managed to stand the fierce wars in the Mexican nineteenth century. By the twentieth, it was converted into a wheat barn, a situation which didn't help the building's architecture. It was restored in 1951. The Institute arrived in 1967.

Graduate Programs

  • Directive Perfection Programs AD/AD2
  • MBA (full-time)
  • EMBA(2 days per week)
  • Special Programs

Academic Areas

  • Decision Analysis;
  • Commercialization;
  • Control and Managerial Information;
  • Finance Direction;
  • Operations Direction;
  • Human Resources Direction;
  • Family Enterprise;
  • Political Environment;
  • Economical Environment;
  • Human & Organizational Behavior;
  • Enterprise Philosophy;
  • Business Policy;

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