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The IONA (Islands of the North Atlantic) debating circuit is one of the largest competitive university debating circuits in the world. In the 2007/8 debating season, the circuit comprised over 35 individual university level competitions (known as 'IVs' - an acronym for Intervarsities) as well as the World Debating Championships and European Debating Championships.

The IONA debating circuit does not have a firmly fixed recurring calendar of events, but certain substantial debating tournaments hold a relatively permanent status in the year. Each academic year of debating usually begins with the UCL President's Cup, a novice only competition held by University College London. Later in the first academic (autumn) term of UK and Irish debating, are held the Cambridge, Oxford and UCC IVs, as well as the English Leg of the John Smith Memorial Mace. The second and third terms of the University year tend to be given over to smaller IVs and Opens (in which 'composite' teams of individuals from two different academic institutions may enter), but are also host to the more prestigious Middle Temple and Inner Temple IVs. The season usually ends with the European Debating Championships in the early summer.

2007/8 IONA Debating Season

Listed below are the tournaments which have comprised the 2007/8 IONA Debating Season, with best speakers, and winning institutions and speakers of the tournament. Multiple winners/best speakers have the number of times they achieved that award up to and including that tournament listed in brackets.

Nine speakers have won two competitions so far, they are: Adam Bott, Jonathan Leader Maynard, Luke Wells, Fred Cowell, Rosie Unwin, Dan Bradley, Shengwu Li, Doug Cochran, Daniel Warents and James Dray. Art Ward from University College Cork has won three. Jonathan Leader Maynard and Sam Block have been the best speaker most times so far this season, each doing so on 5 occasions. The Middle Temple, Oxford and Cambridge have won the most competitions, each winning four times so far. Only one institution from outside the UK and Ireland has won a tournament so far in the season, when New Zealanders Christopher Bishop and Sayeqa Islam won the Cambridge IV for Victoria University of Wellington.

As of 6th March 2008, Sam Block is currently the overall highest ranked speaker over the 2007/8 season. Oxford ended the year as the highest ranked institution, counting results from the entire season.

Competition Best Speaker Winning Institution Winning Speakers
UCL President's Cup Andrew Chapman Cambridge Netan Dogra and Charlotte Thomas
Bristol IV Sam Block and Bob Nimmo [Tied] University of London Union Jonathan Leader Maynard and Patrick Rooney
UCD VP Cup Brian O'Beirne TCD Hist Shane Farragher and John Moriarty
Newcastle IV Adam Bott Cambridge Adam Bott and Sean Koh
Durham IV Adam Bott (2) St. Andrews Chris Hawkins and Rachel Whitbread
Imperial IV Lewis Iwu Bristol Eve Hibbert-Keene and Marc Delahanty
Oxford IV Kevin Kiley Cambridge Sam Block and Adam Bott (2)
Cambridge IV Shengwu Li Victoria University of Wellington Christopher Bishop and Sayeqa Islam
ESU Mace - England Gavin Illsley Lincoln's Inn Usman Ahmed and Hannah Klein
KCL Graveson Cup Alex Wright Oxford Max Kasriel and Dani Quinn
UCC IV Will Jones University College Dublin Susan Connolly and Ross Kelly
Princess Alexandria Cup Rachel Francis Durham Luke Wells and Tabitha Willmer
Birmingham IV Jonathan Leader Maynard Galway Ronan Harrington & Nuala Kane
WUDC Sam Block (2) Oxford Samir Deger-Sen and Lewis Iwu
London IV Andrew Tuffin Middle Temple Craig Morrison and Louisa Nye
TCD IV Ross Frenet and Will Jones (2) [Tied] University College Dublin Maguerite Carter and Ross Maguire
Warwick IV Jonathan Leader Maynard (2) Middle Temple Liz Ford and Rosie Unwin
Inner Temple IV Sam Block (3) Middle Temple Fred Cowell and Ali Dewji
Middle Temple IV Andrew Marshall (Composite Team) Alex Campbell and Andrew Marshall
Strathclyde Cup Jason Vit University College Cork Art Ward and Tiernan Fitzgibbon
Edinburgh Open Jason Vit (2) (Composite Team) Doug Cochran and Art Ward (2)
Cardiff IV Meredith Prince University of London Union Pantellis Palividas and Kallina Basli
Leeds International IV Dan Bradley Manchester Dan Bradley and Dan James
UCL IV Jonathan Leader Maynard (3) (Composite Team) Jonathan Leader Maynard (2) and James Prior
Reading Open Shengwu Li (2) (Composite Team) Shengwu Li and Daniel Warents
LSE Open Alex Campbell (Composite Team) James Dray and Art Ward (3)
Manchester IV Jonathan Leader Maynard (4) Durham Tom Ball and Luke Wells
UL Open Sayeqa Islam (Composite Team) Paul Flynn and Tony Murphy
ESU Mace - Wales - Aberystwyth
Ancients Stephen Nolan (Composite Team) Stephen Nolan and Nuala Kane (2)
Irish National Maidens Conor McAndrew (Individual) Niamh Ní Mhaoileoin
Sheffield Open Kallina Basli and Dan Bradley [Tied] Middle Temple Fred Cowell (2) and Rosie Unwin (2)
Nottingham IV Dan Bradley (2) Manchester Dan Bradley(2) and James Dixon
DCU Open Sam Block (4) (Composite Team) Cormac Early and Andrea Mulligan
Glamorgan Open Kallina Basli Queen Mary's Kallina Basli and Sameer Patel
The Tay Weekend Danny P McCarthy (Composite Team) Mark MacDonald and Oskar Avery
Bristol Open Jonathan Leader Maynard (5) Oxford Shengwu Li (2) and Shang Liew
Southampton Open Jason Vit (3)
Durham Open Sam Block (5) (Composite Team) Jason Vit and Dough Cochran (2)
Newcastle Open Daniel Warents (Composite Team) Daniel Warents and Ranald Clouston
Euros James Dray (2) and Simon Quinn Oxford James Dray (2) and Will Jones


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