An INTERPOL notice or International Notice is a notice issued by INTERPOL to share information between its members. There are seven types of notices, six of which are known by their colour codes.

The notices are issued in the official languages of INTERPOL: English, French, Spanish and Arabic.

In 2006, a total of 4556 notices were issued.

INTERPOL notices issued in 2006
Red Blue Green Yellow Black Orange Interpol-UN
2804 359 676 316 114 9 279

Notice types

Red notice
Requests (provisional) arrest of wanted persons, with a view to extradition. Blue notice
Requests additional information about a person in relation to a crime. Green notice
Provides warnings and information about (suspected) international criminals. Yellow notice
Asks for help to locate missing persons who are unable to identify themselves (usually minors). Black notice
Seeks information on unidentified bodies. Orange notice
Warns police and other international organizations about potential threats from disguised weapons, parcel bombs and other dangerous materials. INTERPOL-United Nations Security Council Special Notice
Issued for groups and individuals who are the targets of UN sanctions against Al Qaeda and the Taliban. It was created in 2005 at the request of the UN Security Council through the adoption of resolution 1617 and implemented through the adoption of INTERPOL resolution AG-2005-RES-05.


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