The Insaints were a hardcore punk rock group from San Francisco, fronted by the confrontational Marian Anderson.


The Insaints were founded in Modesto, California, in the late 80s (1988 or 1989, sources differ) by frontwoman Anderson (née Holloway) and guitarist Deleon. In 1990 the duo moved to the San Francisco Bay Area and recruited new members. Thus the most famous line-up of the Insaints was formed.

The Insaints were perhaps more known for their confrontational, controversial and exceptionally lewd stage act, than their actual music. Singer Anderson, who routinely both performed and oversaw girl-girl sexual acts during the performances, also worked as a dominatrix at the time, and occasionally brought some of her workmates along to the performances. A re-occurring theme in the act was during the instrumental track Pipeline; her various guests would, during the length of the track, proceed to publicly fist fuck her, often resulting in criminal charges being pressed against the group.

The most famous incident happened on April 3, 1993, at 924 Gilman, a low-profile, but semi-legendary, non-alcohol punk club in Berkeley, California. Former Dead Kennedys member Carlos Cadona called the law enforcement after he witnessed Anderson and two other women perform a girl-girl sex act with a banana during the Insaints performance. When the girls proceeded to urinate on each other Cadona called the police.

Eventually, the legal battles the group had to face due to the girl-girl dominatrix acts became too much, and the group split amicably in 1994.

After the split

Singer Anderson and guitarist Deleon formed a psychobilly group in 2001, called the Thrillkillers. The group's first and last performance was in September 2001. Singer Anderson died of a heroin overdose a little over one month later, on November 4, 2001. She is survived by her daughter, Hannah Lolly Anderson.

Nowadays, guitarist Deleon is active in goth-punk outfit The Deep Eynde and psycho-goth outfit Rezurex.

Eva Von Slut is a burlesque performer and has fronted the psychobilly band Thee Merry Widows.

Recorded output

During their previous existence, the Insaints' catalogue consisted of only one official release, in 1993; a split, double 7-inch EP with the Diesel Queens, released by Maximum RocknRoll. The founder of Maximum RocknRoll, Tim Yohannan, was dating singer Anderson at the time, thus the record is dedicated to him.

On November 9, 2004, the six tracks from the EP, along with the four other outtakes from the 1993 EP recording and nine additional live tracks, were released as a full length album, Sin of Saints. The proceedings from the album sales at present go to Anderson's daughter.


  • Split 7 inch w/ the Diesel Queens (1993)
  • Sins of Saints (2004)


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