INIMA is the Institute of Informatics and Applied Mathematics in Tirana, Albania. It was founded in 1986 on the basis of the Center of Computational Mathematics (QMLL). The latter former was founded in 1971, depending from Tirana University (UT) and, in 1973, when the Academy of Sciences of Albania was founded, became one of the scientific institutions the Academy was composed of. Having some of the most prominent experts in informatics and applied mathematics, INIMA has played, and continues to play, a prime hand role in all informatics developments in Albania, in introduction of modern methods and technologies in different domains of Albanian reality such as: economics, engineering, geology&mining, medicine and health care, farming, animal breeding, etc; in the preparation of new specialists as well as in offering different scientific services, installation and maintenance of computer systems, etc.

In 2007, with a Council of Ministers decision (#146 dated 28.03.2007), INIMA was desolved and restructured as part of the Polytechnic University of Tirana.

INIMA is now part of the Faculty of Information Technology at the Polytechnic University of Tirana and renamed to "Center of Research and Development of Information Technology" (after Council of Ministers decision #824 dated 05.12.2007).

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