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iLife is a suite of multimedia software applications created by Apple Inc., designed for Mac OS X. These programs are used to create, organize, view and publish digital content, such as pictures, movies, music, and web pages. iLife '08, released in August 2007, consists of five applications: iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, GarageBand and iWeb. The application suite is included with all new Macintosh computers, and is also available for purchase separately.


After his return as CEO at Apple, Steve Jobs began positioning the Macintosh to be the hub of his vision of the digital lifestyle. The original iMac was the first step in developing this concept. It put a new face on not only the Macintosh computer, but computing in general, and PC companies soon began to change their form factor designs as well. To address the concerns of prospective Macintosh buyers outside of Apple's core design, programming, and media industry niches, Apple has developed a growing suite of high-quality consumer-oriented software with a distinctive unified look and feel. The development of the iPod and its continuing popularity in the portable music player market, in conjunction with iTunes and the iTunes Store, have helped Apple to re-emerge as one of the important companies in the personal computer market.

The first versions of iMovie, iTunes, iDVD, iPhoto, GarageBand and iWeb were released in that order. iMovie, iTunes, and iPhoto were originally available free via Apple's website, while iDVD was available only with computers that included SuperDrives.

In January 2003, the programs were packaged together as "iLife". While iTunes remains a free program, the latest versions of the other components are only available through the purchase of the iLife package or bundled with a new Macintosh computer.

On August 7, 2007, Apple released iLife '08. The company said that this is their most significant upgrade ever to the company's suite of digital lifestyle applications, featuring a major new version of iPhoto and a completely reprogrammed iMovie. iPhoto '08 automatically organizes photo libraries into Events that lets users more easily manage their growing photo collections, and iMovie '08 introduces a new way for users to quickly make movies and share them online, via a user's MobileMe account.

Releases and History

Version Introduction Cost OS X iPhoto iTunes iMovie iDVD GBand iWeb
iLife Macworld Conference & Expo on January 3, 2003 $49 10.1 2 4 3 3 - -
iLife '04 Macworld Conference & Expo on January 6, 2004 $49 10.2 4 4.2 4 4 1 -
iLife '05 Macworld Conference & Expo on January 11, 2005 $79 10.3 5 4.7.1 HD 5 5 2 -
iLife '06 Macworld Conference & Expo on January 10, 2006 $79 10.3/10.4 6 6.0.2 HD 6 6 3 1
iLife '08 special summer event on August 7, 2007 $79 10.4/10.5 7 7.6 7 7 4 2



iPhoto is a photograph organizer and editor that lets users store, view, edit, and share their digital photos. iPhoto allows its user to create photo albums to display pictures on the Internet or on CD, create slideshows for instant on-computer presentation, construct calendars and greetings cards from photographs, and the ability to "photocast" photo albums. iPhoto can also import from most digital cameras with no drivers required (built into Mac OS X by default).


iMovie is a video editor that can be used with digital video. The process of film capture by a digital camera via FireWire is automated, with iMovie allowing users to chop up their videos, add special effects, and reorganize them. It is also compatible with flash MPEG 4 cameras, AVCHD camcorders, HDV cameras, and the Apple iSight. Photographs may also be used, and a soundtrack may be added with tracks in the iTunes music library. These can then be exported into a variety of viewable formats, including Apple's QuickTime Player.


iDVD integrates with iMovie to allow the burning of movies onto a DVD with chapters and menus. Each new version adds more menu themes. There is no support for Blu-ray burning in the current version of iDVD.


GarageBand is a music-creation and podcasting application that includes over 1,000 pre-recorded loops. The program also supports software instruments and importation from real instruments, such as guitars and keyboards.


iWeb is a product that was released at the Macworld Conference & Expo on January 10, 2006. This product provides the ability to share content from the other iLife applications using Apple templates, and with one-click uploading to .Mac (now called MobileMe). The application also allows users to create links to their own podcasts and photocasts from the webpage. This is the latest application added to the iLife suite.

MobileMe Web Gallery

The Apple MobileMe Web Gallery is a feature designed for easy photo sharing on the Mac platform. It allows users to create event or photo albums using the Web Gallery of their MobileMe account, and allows them to show their photos with visitors, who may also download the images and upload their own. This feature is accessible directly through iLife (iMovie, iPhoto, and iWeb) allowing users to upload without their web browser.

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  • MobileMe - an online service integrated with some iLife features


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