Iggy's Reckin' Balls

Iggy's Reckin' Balls known in Japan as Iggy Kun no Bura2Poyon. It is a game that was developed exclusively for the Nintendo 64 console by Iguana Entertainment and was published by Acclaim Entertainment. It involves a set of ball characters with faces and unique personalities that race around a series of vertical obstacle courses in order to win medals. The characters use grappling hooks to climb to other platforms and to attack other players. Power-ups are scattered throughout the 100 courses, which equip the players with temporary special abilities. Up to four players can participate. Modes of play include Arcade, Mix-up, Time Trial and Battle. There are a total of 8 characters to choose from immediately (Iggy, Q-Tee, Narlie, Amanda, Chatter, Charlie, Sonny, and Rob-ERT), with an additional 9 hidden characters that can be unlocked later. The title of the game is named after the iguana ball, Iggy, who is the main character. Iggy represents the developer's mascot, an iguana.


Iggy's Reckin' Balls is a simple racing game from tower based levels. Each type of stage is divided into 10 towers. You race to the top of the tower and whoever gets to the top will get teleported to the bottom of the tower. Once you completed three laps, you destroy the tower and move on to the next tower. Each character has the ability to shoot a grapple hook to climb certain pieces of the tower. Each character is also very different from one another as well.


As mentioned above, there are 8 characters you can choose from when you first start the game. Each character has their own personality and they differ from each other.

Iggy-He's the man with a smile on his face. He is somewhat the main character of the game. He's a well-balanced character and beginners of the game can use him very well. He's personality is always be happy and laid back.

Q-Tee-She is the cute pink ball who justs want to have fun.

Amanda-Another green ball with an attitude. Some say that she's the sister of Iggy but it's not true. She only cares for herself and winning any race.

Charlie-Narlie is a clown whose goal is to be number one. His grapple hook is a gold star. He loves to race, no matter who it is.

Chatter-As the name suggests, Chatter is just a ball with teeth. He can't really talk and he only makes noises. Some say his level is Candylane.

Narlie-Many consider this jumping pumpkin the main villain of the game. He's evil in everyway and his main goal is to win at any cost.

Sonny-Never the one to smile, Sonny is, well, a ball of the sun. His main saying is "HOT HOT HOT" Some say that he lives in two of the ten worlds, one being Soft Sun Bay and the other being a hidden world. Regardless, Sonny only smiles when he wins a race.

Rob-ERT-He's a floating robot with no purpose what so ever. He doesn't talk, only making beeping noises.

There are also many other characters to unlock as you win races on the Medium level.


There is a total of 10 different worlds to explore, each with a different theme to it. The farther you get in the game, the more worlds you unlock. If you play on Easy mode, then you can't get anymore levels until you play on Medium.

The Worlds

There is a grand total of ten worlds in Iggy's Reckin' Balls, each containing ten towers:

Easy Street-As the name suggests, Easy Street introduces you to Iggy's Reckin' Balls with these easy towers. But you must remember, this is the only the beginning.

Downtown-The theme is in the heart of a downtown area Downtown has a series of metallic towers that goes in every direction. These towers do present a challenge.

CandyLane-The theme is all about the love of candy. This world will make you go crazy for candy.

The Deep-Darkness surrounds this world as you climb the dark towers of this swampy area. It seems that this place is one of the most difficult levels to begin with.

Soft Sun Bay-Set on a hot beach Sonny would be happy in this world (If he can be happy). The towers get more harder as this world gets more hotter.

Once you completed these levels on Medium without placing below first place, you unlock a new world to race on.

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