IAPMO’s (the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials) leadership in sustainable initiatives predates current trends among other organizations. The Uniform Codes have long included provisions such as water-efficient plumbing products, greywater and reclaimed water systems, solar energy systems and environmentally friendly refrigerants.

During this dramatic transition to increasingly sustainable construction practices, IAPMO remains dedicated to ensuring it is a leader in sustainable model construction and maintenance codes that are safe and reliable.

In 2007, the IAPMO Board of Directors established the Committee for Awareness and Understanding of a Sustainable Environment (CAUSE) and the IAPMO Green Technical Committee (GTC) to identify opportunities to make the Uniform Codes more sustainable and achieve IAPMO’s sustainability goals.

IAPMO CAUSE is composed of leading figures in the plumbing and mechanical industries and has taken immediate steps such as calling for a minimum 10 percent reduction in energy and water consumption in the Uniform Codes. CAUSE directs the environmental activities of IAPMO.

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