IAI Searcher

IAI Searcher

The IAI Searcher (also known by the Hebrew name מרומית Meyromit - "Marsh tern" , or officially in Israel as the חוגלה Hugla - "Alectoris") is a reconnaissance UAV developed in Israel in the 1980s. In the following decade, it replaced the IMI Mastiff and IAI Scout UAVs then in service with the Israeli Army.

The Searcher looks almost identical to the Scout and Pioneer, but is scaled up, and in fact is well over twice the size of the Scout. The Searcher is powered by a 35 kW (47 hp) piston engine. It not only features updated avionics and sensor systems as well as greater endurance, but increased redundancy for improved survivability. It is also used by Thailand and the Republic of Korea.

The Israelis are now using the further improved "Searcher II", yet another scale-up of the basic Scout design with improved endurance. More than 100 Searcher IIs are also in-service with the Indian Army.

Specifications (Searcher II)


This article contains material that originally came from the web article Unmanned Aerial Vehicles by Greg Goebel, which exists in the Public Domain.

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