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i-13 is a k-pop group that consists of 13 girls. They are under Lime Music, which is headed by Jung Won-Gwan. After training for 2 years, the group debuted, and is considered to be the female version of another k-pop group, Super Junior, which debuted around the same time. The members are, in no particular order, Ja, Mo, Myo, Chuk, In, Sa, Jin, Oh, Mi, Sin, You, Sul, and Jae.

Band members

The members of i-13 are:

  1. Ja (자, 子) Real Name: Lee Ji Eun (이지은), born on ; leader
  2. Mo (모, 模) Real Name: Kim Bo Ryun (김보련), born on
  3. Myo(묘, 卯) Real Name: Kim Bo Rim (김보림), born on
  4. Chuk(축, 丑) Real Name: Baek Eun Hye (백은혜), born on
  5. In (인, 寅) Real Name: Geum Ga Eun (금가은), born on
  6. Sa (사, 巳) Real Name: Park Ka Jin (박가진), born
  7. Jin (진, 辰) Real Name: Park Min Jung (박민정), born on
  8. Oh (오, 午) Real Name: An Jung Yoon (안정윤), born on
  9. Mi (미, 未) Real Name: Kim Song Ee (김송이), born on
  10. Sin (신, 申) Real Name: Nam Mi Ri (남미리)]
  11. You (유, 酉) Real Name: Im Hyo Jin (임효진), born on
  12. Sul (술, 戌) Real Name: Cho Yun Jin (조연진), born on
  13. Hae (해, 亥) Real Name: Kim Su Jin (김수진), born on
  14. Mo and Myo are twin sisters.

12 of the 13 names (all excluding Mo, which means "pattern") are based on the Chinese calendrical system of Earthly Branches, though the names do not appear to have been assigned in any particular order.

It was reported in February 2007 that i-13 would undergo a makeover. The group would be reduced to 6 members, with 3 original members and 3 brand new members. And with the change in number the group name will also be changed. Since then there has been no news of them. There has been rumors that Jung Won Gwan's business failure was caused by i-13.


i-13 Vol. 1 - One More Time

01. One More Time
02. Sweet Love
03. 하얀 거짓말
04. 1318
05. Dear My Friend
06. 책임져
07. 내사랑 울보
08. One More Time (Remix)
09. Sweet Love (Remix)
10. 책임져 (Club Version)
11. One More Time (Club Version)

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