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Chicago's I:Scintilla (pronounced eye-sin-til-uh) have jumped from recording demo songs in a bedroom to collaborating with some of modern music's best artists and releasing music on an international level. Fronted by Brittany Bindrim (vocals/words) and backed by Jim Cookas (guitar/programming), Vincent Grech (drums), and Chad Mines (bass), the group seamlessly fuses electronic and rock elements while pushing the boundaries of pop music. Bindrim's intensely seductive voice and insightful words paint a dark picture of loss, redemption, and introspection and are delivered via insatiably catchy hooks. The music drapes the mood with intricately layered synthesizers, grinding guitar riffs, and a mix of live and programmed drums. The quartet's unique sound has drawn comparisons to Garbage, Lacuna Coil, and The Birthday Massacre.


Upon forming in 2003, I:Scintilla quickly wrote and recorded songs that would be part of their self-released debut album, The Approach (July 2004). After consistent critical praise and a solid year of live performances, a buzz began to spread and record labels began to take notice. The band eventually signed with Belgian electro label, Alfa Matrix, and joined an impressive roster that includes Front 242 and Collide (band).

On Havestar (August 2006), the first release with their new label, the band worked with famed electronic producer Wade Alin (Atomica, Christ Analogue) and the result was four electrifying recordings with top notch production elements. The EP was rounded out by club remixes, including stellar interpretations from the likes of Combichrist and Claus Larsen (Leather Strip). The release found success with the critics, clubs, radio, and a varied cross-section of music fans. As a result, Havestar spent four weeks on the DAC (Deutsche Alternative Charts) Top 20 Singles and peaked at #13.

Optics & Beyond

Their latest full-length effort, Optics (June 2007), found the band exploring new sounds and traversing genres while maintaining an emphasis on sophisticated songwriting. Bindrim's voice soars on the epic opening track, "Cursive Eve", and she never looks back. With Alin producing again, the quartet shows off their polished new sound with sexy dance-rock ("Ultravioletfly", "Machine Vision") and club-friendly synthpop ("Melt", "Toy Soldier"). Meanwhile they are just as comfortable utilizing organic rock elements on the beautifully haunting "Translate" and powerful "Salt Of Stones". Bindrim's lyrics have never been better as she explores topics of a more political, social, and sexual nature on the 12-track set. Optics is also available as a limited edition 2-CD box set, which includes a poster, additional artwork, and a 12-track bonus disc with remixes from Combichrist, Clan of Xymox, Mortiis, and many others.

The band made a big impact in 2007. In May, they performed at Wave Gotik Treffen, the world's largest dark music and arts festival held in Leipzig, Germany. Upon its release in June, Optics once again found success with the European music scene and spent seven weeks on the DAC Top 10 Albums, peaking at #6.

I:Scintilla are currently writing and recording material for their upcoming album, slated for an October 2008 release.





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  • Sounds From The Matrix 005 (2007 | Alfa Matrix)
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  • Matri-X-Trax (Chapter 3) (2006 | Alfa Matrix)
  • Gothic Compilation Part XXXIV (2006 | Batbeliever Releases)
  • Endzeit Bunkertracks [Act II] (2006 | Alfa Matrix)
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  • Clubtrax Vol. 2 (2006 | Danse Macabre)
  • Advanced Electronics Vol. 5 (2006 | Synthetic Symphony)
  • Playlisted (2005 | Green St. Records)
  • Openingbands.comp (2003 |


  • Angelspit - "Girl Poison (I:Scintilla Mix)" (2008)
  • Manufactura - "Deep Waters (Ophelia's Descent Mix)" (2007)
  • Neikka RPM - "My Innocence Is Gone (I:Scintilla Mix)" (2006)

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