Hypebeast is an online magazines for streetwear, sneakers and all things urban fashion. It features daily updated news, features and editorial. It is also home to over 20 bloggers that write about urban aesthetics. The magazine was originally launched in January 2005 as a Blogspot web log but moved to its own domain in March 2005. In 2007 it received an average of 100,000 monthly visitors, making it one of the most popular urban fashion publications on the web.

The magazine's stated goal is to be a "one-stop news source for internet-savvy street fashion enthusiasts frustrated with having to browse multiple sites to keep up with the latest information." It has become a major aggregators of urban fashion content on the web. It is the source for many of the images posted on fashion blogs across the web, Format Magazine, another major streetwear publication, alone has used over 600 hypebeast images in its news feed. It has been reviewed by various blogs as one of the most authoritative and user friendly sites of its kind.

Original Meaning of Hypebeast

The name hypebeast is used ironically as the title of the magazine. It originally refers to a streetwear enthusiast who is only interested in having the latest trends as a status symbol, and is generally considered lacking in style and genuine appreciation of the culture.


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