Hygrophila portoricensis

Hygrophila costata

Glush weed (aka gulf swampweed), or yerba de hicotea (syn. Hygrophila atricheta Bridar., Hygrophila brasiliensis Spreng., Hygrophila conferta Nees, Hygrophila guianensis Nees, Hygrophila lacustris Morong & Britton, Hygrophila longifolia (Mart.) Nees, Hygrophila portoricensis Nees, Hygrophila pubescens Nees, Hygrophila rivularis Nees, Ruellia brasiliensis Mart. ex Nees, Ruellia costata Lindau, Scorodoxylum costata (Nees) Hiern) is a plant native of Cerrado vegetation of Brazil, and usually grows from southern Mexico to Argentina. This plant is cited in Flora Brasiliensis by Carl Friedrich Philipp von Martius. In addition, H. costata is an invasive and dominating species in several parts of the world included Australia because this plant is usually like a freshwater aquarium plant.

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