Hustad is also a former name of Sandvollan municipality.
Hustad is a village and former municipality in Møre og Romsdal county, Norway. The village Hustad was the administrative centre of the municipality.

The municipality was created by a split from Bud on 1 July 1918. At that time it had a population of 2,062.

On 1 January 1964 Hustad, along with Bud, was incorporated into its neighboring municipality to the south, Fræna. Prior to the merger Hustad had a population of 2,196. Today Hustad is a thriving community with a large coop general and food store, a good bank, very well equipped garage and several other businesses not least of which is the Hustadvikagjestegard, This hotel has accommodation for 90, a superb restaurant, excellent accommodation for conferences and a diving school second to none. As well as the usual things a Scandinavian hotel might offer it also offers sea rafting and has a fleet of fishing boats for hire. There is also a fishing trawler which is used for regular trips. Hustad shelters below the Stemshest range of mountains. It is truly spectacular. Nearby are some 5 lakes well stocked with trout. There is also a renowned salmon river. Walking in the area is superb, with the Atlanterhavsvei just 8 kilometres away.


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