Husein. For some names spelled thus, use Husayn or Hussein.
Husein or Husayn, c.626-680, Muslim saint of the Shiites; second son of Ali and Fatima (daughter of Muhammad). With the assassination of his father in 661 and the acquiescence of his brother Hasan, the caliphate passed out of the Alid family, although many continued to support the claims of the sons of Ali. On the death of Hasan, Husein tried to make good his own claim, but he proved irresolute in crises. Finally he did lead an insurrection, but he and his band were massacred by the Umayyads at Karbala. The day of this defeat, the 10th of Muharram in 61 A.H. (Oct. 10, 680), known as Ashura, became the great holy day of the Shiites, who uphold the legitimacy of the Alid claims. They commemorate the day with an extensive mourning ritual that culminates in the performance of martyrdom plays. The tomb of Husein at Karbala, Iraq, is a holy place of pilgrimage. His name also appears as Hussein and Husain.
Husein-paša's Mosque (Husein-pašina džamija) is a well-known mosque in Pljevlja, Montenegro. It was built between 1573 and 1594. It was named by Husein-paša Boljanić from the Boljanići village, which was close to Pljevlja. It has the highest minaret in the Balkans. It is regarded as "one of the most beautiful sacral monuments of Islamic architecture in Montenegro".


The mosque has a square basis above which there rises a low-pitched dome set on a cubiform pedestal. An open porch covered with three small domes was formed in front of the main façade. A minaret was added close to the southern side. After it being struck by lightning in 1911, it was rebuilt into a slimmer and higher one, which is now the highest minaret in the Balkans.


The interior of the mosque and the porch are decorated with rich, in polychrome painted ornaments with floral motifs and quotations from Koran. Mihrab, mimber and mahvil abound in ornaments made in stalactites and in customary Turkish perforations.

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