Hunt Club Road

Hunt Club Road

Hunt Club Road also known as Ottawa Road #32, is a major east-west route in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Hunt Club originally ran from Albion Road to Riverside Drive, but was extended east to Hawthorne Road in the late 1980s. The section between Bank Street and Riverside Drive, originally only one lane in each direction, was expanded to two lanes in each direction in 1993 & 1994. It was further extended across the Rideau River and then eventually to the southern edge of the suburbs to Richmond Road by the late 1990s. There are plans to extend it east to meet up with Highway 417 near Ramsayville.

Most of Hunt Club is a four-lane divided principal arterial road with few businesses and limited access (particularly between just west of Merivale Road and Highway 416 where it is an at-grade urban expressway). The speed limit on most sections is 80 km/h (50 mph) except in the South Keys area, where it is 60 km/h (40 mph).

The Michael J.E. Sheflin bridge carries Hunt Club Road over the Rideau River between Prince of Wales Drive (former Highway 16) and Riverside Drive. The bridge has just undergone a widening over the summer of 2006, extending the left turn lanes in both directions over the full length of the bridge to alleviate congestion.

In the future, the City's Transportation Master Plan includes widening the Hunt Club Road to six lanes between Highway 416 and Bank Street.

On Hunt Club, one may find Pine Grove Park, and the Stoney Swamp Conservation Area.

Major Intersections


  • Uplands
  • South Keys
  • Greenboro

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