Hungerhill School

Hungerhill School

Hungerhill School, A Specialist Centre for Science, Mathematics and Computing, is a Mathematics and Computing College on Hungerhill Lane off Thorne Road (the A18) in Edenthorpe, Doncaster, England.


Hungerhill School has a wide range of subjects in their curriculum, and is for ages 11-16.


It opened in 1976 as a mixed comprehensive school with 800 pupils.

In September 2005, it gained specialist status in Maths and Computing.

As of September 2008, there are over 1,200 attending pupils.

Radio frequency tags

In 2007, it trialled a system that monitored nineteen students as they entered classrooms by embedding a RFID microchip in school uniforms, a form of electronic tagging, made by Darnbro Ltd owned by Trevor Darnborough of Cusworth, west Doncaster.

Dress Code

The school attaches great importance to appropriate dress, as they feel it helps to establish a feeling of community and to develop the personal presentation skills of students. Hungerhill requires all students to wear its uniform when in school or attending school functions. The school tie is red with blue and white stripes. The year 11's wear a red tie with the hungerhill logo on. The school jumper is black with the hungerhill logo on. Pupils also have to wear black trousers and a white school shirt.

Academic performance

The school has no sixth form, but at GCSE it gets results above the national average which is quite rare in former mining communities.



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