Human Body: Pushing the Limits

Human Body: Pushing the Limits

Human Body: Pushing the Limits, is a television program that premiered on the Discovery Channel on March 2nd, 2008 in North America. Titles in this series include Strength, Sight, Brainpower, and Sensation.

Millions watched the first 2 episodes of this 4 part series on March 2nd. Since then "The Discovery Store" has had many requests to buy the dvd set. These videos will be released after the final 2 episodes on March 9th at 9:00 and 10:00pm eastern time.

This show covers topics on how the body reacts to moments of extreme stress like being stuck in a cave or running away from forest fires. It is made up of four episodes that all concentrate on a certain aspect of our body when we are "pushed to the limit".

Strength- This episode covers how our muscles react when we are pushed to the limit. It covers stories of how people can suddenly lift masses 2 times his or her weight or run at speeds that even olympic runner can't match

Sight- This episode covers the aspect of how our eyes react in emergency situations. We can see much better and see details we normally can not see.

Brainpower- This episode covers how our brain takes control of our body and can order our body to do things it usually could not or would not do. Examples include how our brain can order our body to eat the muscles of our body for energy or make us eat things we would usually find disgusting, and also covers dreaming (including lucid dreaming).

Sensation- This episode covers the way we react to pain and similar sensations, and then show techniques on how we can curve our perception of pain through tactics such as hypnosis, medetation, focus, etc.


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