Hughie Graeme

Hughie Graham

Hughie Graham or Hughie Graeme is Child ballad number 191, existing in several variants.


Hughie Graham is caught for stealing the bishop's horse, and sentenced to hang. Several pleas to ransom him are unavailing. He sees his mother or father and sends greetings to his father, his sword to Johnnie Armstrong, and a curse to his wife. (The legend is that his motive for the horse-theft was that the bishop had seduced his wife.)


The great socialist Ewan MacColl recorded a version on his album of traditional Scottish ballads.

The Scottish folk band Malinky recorded a version of this song, called Hughie The Graham, on their 2005 album, The Unseen Hours

English folk singer, June Tabor, recorded a version of this song on 'An Echo of Hooves' in 2003.

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