Huaral District

Huaral District

Huaral, founded in 1551 by the Spanish conquerors, is a district in the Peruvian department of Lima. It covers an area of 6,655.7Km square. It starts at the Peruvian coast and continues up to the Andes. Its capital is a small city about an hour drive (90km) north of Lima, Peru named Huaral (300m above sea level). Huaral is very agricultural, and it is surrounded by hundreds of farm fields. Including its famous Huando oranges. Thus Huaral is also called "Capital of Agriculture." The population is about 160,000. The climate is warm in the coastal regions and cools toward the 4,500m (14,763ft) mountains. Automobile traffic is minimal. Walking, bicycles, motorcycles and tricycle motor-taxis are common modes of transportation. There are two principal highways to enter Huaral, Pasamayo and its variant. A bus trip to or from Lima costs about one dollar (3.50 Soles) There are many Inca archaeological sites and other historical sites all over the area.

External links Huaral satellite photos Huaral City is near the coast, surrounded by green farms.

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