Hotin County

Hotin County

Hotin County was a county (judeţ) in the Kingdom of Romania. Its capital was in the city of Hotin (today Khotyn).


Hotin County covered 3,782 km2 and was located in northeast part of Greater Romania, in the northern part of Bessarabia on the border with the Soviet Union. Currently, the territory that comprised Hotin County is divided between the Ukraine and Moldova. In the interwar period, its borders were as follows: the Ukrainian SSR of Soviet Union and Stanislawow Voivodship of Poland to the north, Soroca County and Bălţi County to the east and southeast, Dorohoi County to the south, and Cernăuţi County to the west.

Administrative organization

Administratively, Hotin County was divided into six parts (plăşi, singular plasa): I. Plasa Chelmenţi , II. Plasa Hotin (Plasa name was Clişcăuţi), III. Plasa Ion Gh. Duca (Briceni), IV. Plasa Lipcani, V. Plasa Secureni, VI. Plasa Suliţa.


According to the Romanian census of 1930 the population of Hotin County was 392,430, of which 41.6% were ethnic Ukrainians, 35.0% ethnic Romanians, 13.6% ethnic Russians, 9.2% Jews, 0.3% ethnic Poles. Classified by mother tongue: 45.1% spoke Ukrainian, 33.4% spoke Romanian, 12.0% spoke Russian, 9.2% spoke Yiddish. Classified by religion: 87.0% were Orthodox Christian, 9.2% Jewish, 1.9% Baptist, 1.0% Old Believers, and 0.3% Roman Catholic.

According to Russian census of 1897, Ukrainians (Little Russians) represented the majority of population of Khotin Uyezd.There were 160,000 Ukrainians (55%) in rural areas, or 164,000 (53%) including urban areas.


In 1930 the urban population of Hotin County was 15,334, which included 37.7% Jews, 36.6% Russians, 14.8% Ukrainians, 8.8% Romanians, and 1.5% Poles by ethnicity. The major mother tongues among the urban population were: Yiddish (37.6%), Russian (37.5%), Ukrainian (14.7%), Romanian (8.6%), and Polish (1.2%) The religious mix of the urban population was 57.6% Eastern Orthodox, 37.7% Jewish, 2.1% Old Believers, and 1.6% Roman Catholic.


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