Hot (Israel)

Hot (Israel)

Hot is a telecommunications and cable television company in Israel founded on August 18, 2003. It is the union of the three national cable companies in Israel - Matav, Tevel, and Golden Channels that can be directly linked to the growing competition of the local satellite television provider Yes. While these companies had pursued a union since the late 1990s in order to save administrative and content purchasing costs, and especially after Yes was founded in order to annihilate it before it could grow, the Israeli government monopoly regulator had denied it until the time when Yes had grown at least a minimum subscriber base. The three original companies had not competed with each other since each had been regulated with specific cities and regions around the country.

Hot offers about 200 local and foreign language channels in its digital television services. Hot also offers several 'exclusive' channels (not available from the competing Yes company) under the Hot brand name, including Bip. In addition to the digital television services, Hot still provides analog television service.

Not long after it was created, Hot began offering local telecom service, and internet access services as well. Hot is not an Internet service provider and is only permitted to offer last mile access. As of 2006, Hot has about 950,000 clients - 60% of these are using the digital television services, over 400,000 are using the internet services and over 100,000 are using the phone services.


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  • Xtra HOT - An exclusive Hot channel that airs US shows. It can be purchased À la carte or through a "mini pay" package of other similar channels
  • Yes (Israel) - the competing satellite television provider

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