Hostage Response Group

Hostage Response Group

The Hostage Response Group (HRG) is the tactical and special operations unit of the New South Wales Department of Corrective Services. Corrective Services facilities have their own Immediate Action Teams (riot and emergency units), and larger 'on-call' Regional Security Units and the K9 units for major disturbances.

The roles of the HRG though are similar to that of the NSW Police Tactical Operations Unit, that is, to provide specialist tactical support and solutions in high risk operations involving Corrective Services facilities and/or staff

Principal Roles

  • Resolving siege and hostage situations ;
  • Providing a negotiation service in high risk and critical situations;
  • Escorting and securing dangerous prisoners in high risk situations;
  • Undertaking searches of cells in high risk situations;
  • Armed escort of high risk offenders in custody;
  • Specialist surveillance operations;

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