hop, herbaceous perennial vine of the family Moraceae (mulberry family), widely cultivated since early times for brewing purposes. The commercial hop (Humulus lupulus) is native to Eurasia but is now grown in many temperate regions, notably England, Germany, the United States, South America, and Australia. The conelike mature female flowers, called hops, are borne on different plants from the male; their loose scales contain lupulin, a yellow resinous powder that is added to beer to impart a bitter flavor and is used medicinally as a tonic and soporific. Oil of hops is used for some perfumes, and the hop stem is used for fiber. The fruit of the unrelated hop tree (Ptelea trifoliata) of North America is occasionally used as a substitute for hops. Hops are classified in the division Magnoliophyta, class Magnoliopsida, order Urticales, family Moraceae.
Hop or hops may refer to:

  • Hop, a kind of small jump, especially using only one leg
  • Hop (plant), a genus of climbing flowering plants
  • Hops, the female flower clusters of one species of hop, used primarily as a flavouring and stability agent in beer
  • Hop, a type of dance, including:
  • Hóp, a Viking name for what was possibly a part of the North American coast (see Vinland)
  • Hóp, an Icelandic lake
  • Hop River, a river in Connecticut, USA
  • Hop, informal term for opium, a narcotic drug
  • Hop (software), a web broker and programming language
  • Hop (protein), the Hsp70-Hsp90 organizing protein
  • Hop (telecommunications), a telecommunications term in several different contexts, e.g. paths of transmission, distances of routers (metrics: hop count, not length)

HOP may refer to:

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