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Qiu is the Hanyu Pinyin transliteration of the Chinese family names 丘(Qiū), 邱(Qiū), 秋(Qiū), 仇(Qiú), and 裘(Qiú). The names are transliterated as Chiu in Wade-Giles.


There are two origins of the surname 丘. One sect stems from descendants of Jiang Ziya who named themselves after the fiefdom their ancestor was given, Yingqiu (營丘), and dropped the "Ying"; this clan thrived in the Fufeng County of Shaanxi. The second sect came from the Qiudun (丘敦) clan of the Wuhuan, who changed their clan name to Qiu when they became sinicized during the Southern and Northern Dynasties.Prominent people with the surname

  • Qiu Chuji (丘處機), Chinese taoist known for his journey from China to Persia
  • Qiu Le (丘樂), Chinese weightlifter
  • Yau Kin Wai (丘建威), Hong Kong football player


During the reign of Yongzheng in the Qing Dynasty, the surname 丘 was determined to be colliding with the name of Confucius, Kong Qiu (孔丘). To avoid this naming taboo, many of those whom bore the surname changed their surname to 邱. This is why the surname 邱 is now more commonplace than the surname 丘.

邱 ranks 151th in the Hundred Family Surnames, and many with the surname come from Luoyang, Henan or Wuxing, Zhejiang.Prominent people with the surname


秋 ranks 237th in the Hundred Family Surnames, and is a rare surname. Many Taiwanese aboriginals have this surname.Prominent people with the surname

  • Qiu Jin (秋瑾), Chinese revolutionary


There are three sources for the ancestry of 仇:

  1. A Xia vassal by the name of Jiuwu (九吾) established the state of Jiu (九), but it was destroyed by King Zhou of Shang in the Shang Dynasty. To escape prosecution, the descendents of Jiuwu appended the 人 ("person") radical to 九 (Jiu), thus creating the surname 仇.
  2. In the Spring and Autumn Period, Duke Min of Song (宋湣公) was murdered by his subordinate Nangong Wan (南宮萬). The minister Zi Qiumu (子仇牧) sought revenge but was also killed by Nangong Wan. Zi Qiumu's descendants then took the first character of his name, Qiu 仇, to be their surname.
  3. In Northern Wei, a Hou Luoqi (侯洛齊) of Zhongshan was adopted by the Qiu clan, and thus changed his surname from Hou to Qiu. He rose in ranks due to his military endeavours, and the Qiu clan became prosperous at the time.

Prominent people with the surname


Prominent people with the surname

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