Homonhon Island


Homonhon Island is an island in the province of Eastern Samar, Philippines, on the west side of Leyte Gulf. It is about 20 km long.


During the first circumnavigation of the globe, Ferdinand Magellan's three surviving vessels passed the Marianas, but did not land., even though he was out of food, after crossing the Pacific Ocean. After landing on Homonhon, his crew managed to gather some foodstuffs. He landed on the island of Homonhon March 16, 1521, when Homonhon was uninhabited. However, he was detected by the boats of Rajah Calambu of Limasawa, who guided him to Cebu, on April 7. Thus Rajah Calambu was an ally of the Rajah of Cebu.

Montoconan, is an islet just off the northwest corner of Homonhon.


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