Homebodies (CSI episode)

Way to Go (CSI episode)

Way To Go is the twenty-fourth (and last) episode in the sixth season of the popular American crime drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, set in Las Vegas, Nevada.


In the second part of the season finale, Gil Grissom must make a decision over what course of action should be taken to save his colleague and friend, Jim Brass, as he has power of attorney over him. Grissom calls Brass' daughter, Ellie, to Las Vegas to support her father. Meanwhile, the team investigate a headless torso found on the train tracks, and it is assumed that he was killed when a train beheaded him. Further investigation shows he had been wearing a male corset to reduce his waist and that, actually, his cause of death was a gunshot wound to the head.

At the end of the episode, Brass recovers from the surgery that removed the bullet from his chest to find the entire team around him, supporting him.

The final scene is of Grissom in his pajamas talking to someone off-screen about his preferred way to die. He says he'd prefer to know about it, to have time to prepare and accomplish things such as going back to the rainforest or re-reading Moby-Dick. The camera then shows Sara Sidle with him, also in her night-clothes.


This final scene revealed the show's very first canon romantic relationship between two of its core characters, Gil Grissom (William Petersen) and Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox). The relationship between Grissom and Sara is commonly referred to by fans as "GSR" ("Grissom-Sara Romance", a pun on Gunshot residue, a type of evidence often abbreviated in the show as GSR) or "GeekLove". This would crop up throughout season seven, with Grissom finally revealing it to the rest of the team in the season finale "Living Doll".

Brass and Ellie's relationship has been major parts of the plot in "Ellie" and "Hollywood Brass".

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