Holy rood

Holy rood

The Holy rood is widely considered to be a part of the cross Jesus died on. It is also name of Chapel and the Royal Palace in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Saint Margaret, the Princess of England in exile in Hungary, who married Malcolm III Canmore, King of Scotland, was supposed to have brought the 'Holy Rood' or fragment of Christ's cross/relic to Scotland. A fragment of the Holy Rood was brought to a Cistercian Abbey in Thurles, County Tipperary, Ireland by Isabella of Angoulême, widow of King John of England, and thenceforth the Abbey was called Holy Cross Abbey.

It is also called the Black Rood of Scotland (likely for the black case in which it was kept).

As a sign of the conquest of the Scottish kingdom, the Black Rood has been removed from Scotland to London together with the Stone of Destiny in 1296 by Edward I, King of England.

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