Holocaust (band)

Holocaust (band)

Holocaust are a progressive heavy metal band located in Boston, Massachusetts. Originally founded as a heavy metal band in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1977 featuring guitarists John Mortimer and Ed Dudley, vocalist Gary Lettice, bassist Robin Begg and drummer Nicky Arkless, they became part of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal movement. After numerous line-up changes due to internal strife, John Mortimer remains the only founding member of Holocaust since No Man's Land.

After the demise of the original incarnations of the band John Mortimer embarked on less heavy direction with the formation of "Dunedin" With guitarist Fin West and long term drummer Steven Cowan with bassist Graham Hall being recruited from Blues-Rock band "Just the Job".

Despite Dunedin producing some noteable material,West left to pursue separate projects leaving Mortimer/Cowan and Hall to revert to a heavier sound.

This lineup of the band produced what is generally regarded as the bands finest recording "The Sound of Souls" which embraced a multitude of musical styles and introduced industrial elements to the bands sound with Cowans electronic percussion playing a significant part in moulding the overall sound. The album was released to massive critical acclaim and has been cited as an influence to countless other rock acts.

Current Lineup

  • John Mortimer - guitars/vocals
  • John McCullim - guitars
  • Bryan Bartley - bass
  • Ron Levine - drums

Classic Lineup

  • John Mortimer - Lead Guitar / Vocals
  • Graham Hall - Bass Guitar
  • Steve Cowan - Accoustic / Electric Drums
  • Ian (Macca)McKenzie - Lead Guitar (Brandon)


  • Heavy Metal Mania (1981, EP)
  • The Nightcomers (1981)
  • Comin' Through (1982, EP)
  • Live (Hot Curry and Wine) (1983)
  • No Man's Land (1984)
  • The Sound of Souls (1989)
  • Hypnosis of Birds (1992)
  • Spirits Fly (1996)
  • Covenant (1997)
  • The Courage to Be (2000)
  • Smokin' Valves: The Anthology (2003, compilation)
  • Primal (2003)

Cover versions


  • Their current drummer, Ron Levine, is also the webmaster. He was appointed as the drummer when his fan page was brought to the attention of the band.
  • Former guitarist Ed Dudley and drummer Raymond Marciano formed a band called Hologram, seeking to go in a more melodic hard rock direction than their prior band. The group released one record, 1983's Steal the Stars.

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