Hollyweird is the sixth studio album by American hard rock band Poison, released on March 21, 2002 through Cyanide Music.

Musical style

The record brought together Poison's original line-up for the first full studio project since Flesh & Blood. The result was a combination of old and new sounds, with guitarist C. C. DeVille frequently preferring pop and punk rock sounds to the heavy metal style which had characterised Poison's previous records. The band's new style was particularly evident in the songs "Emperor's New Clothes", "Livin' In the Now" and "Home (C.C's Story)" which featured DeVille on lead vocals.

Production and marketing

In the face of major label offers which would have required the band to re-record old material, the band decided to release the album through their own label, Cyanide Music. Hollyweird was recorded at Henson Recording Studios, in Hollywood, California and Rock Central Studios in Sherman Oaks, California with producer Thom Panunzio. The album debuted at #103 on The Billboard 200 chart and #8 on the Top Independent Albums chart.


The album's themes revolve almost exclusively around the trials and tributions of success in Hollywood, California; a theme which had previously been explored in the band's single "Fallen Angel" from their second album Open Up And Say...Ahh!.

The first single released from the album was Rockstar which was released on the web as a preview for the album, the 2nd single was a cover of The Who song "Squeeze Box".

Bobby Dall on The Who cover “Squeeze Box”

...Actually, that was Rikki’s idea. When we came into rehearsals...to break the ice for the new record...before we started fightin’ and arguin’ about songs, we went through a list of covers and remakes. ...It was the song that stuck and I think it fits perfectly for our band. It has a great melody and a great vocal, but it's also kinda sparse and undefined...it was kinda like an open pallet for us.

Track listing

  1. "Hollyweird"
  2. "Squeeze Box"
  3. "Shooting Star"
  4. "Wishful Thinkin'"
  5. "Get Ya Some"
  6. "Emperor's New Clothes"
  7. "Devil Woman"
  8. "Wasteland"
  9. "Livin' In The Now"
  10. "Stupid, Stoned & Dumb"
  11. "Home" (Bret's Story)
  12. "Home" (C.C.'s Story)
  13. "Rockstar"


Band Members

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