Histoire de l'Inquisition en France


Roissy-en-France (colloquially simply called Roissy) is a commune in the northeastern suburbs of Paris, France in the Val d'Oise department. It is located 20.7 km. (12.9 miles) from the center of Paris.

One-quarter of Charles de Gaulle International Airport (France's main airport), but none of the terminals, are located on the territory of the commune of Roissy-en-France, which gave its original name to the airport. Later renamed Charles de Gaulle Airport, the airport is still commonly referred to as Roissy Airport in France. The rest of the airport lies on the territory of the commune of Tremblay-en-France and several other communes.


In the name Roissy-en-France, "France" does not refer to the country France, but it refers to an area (pays) of the historical province of Île de France known as pays de France. Île-de-France was made up of several pays: pays de France, Parisis, Mantois, Hurepoix, and so on. Pays de France was the extremely fertile plain located immediately north of the city of Paris, with the city of Saint-Denis at its centre. Pays de France is now almost entirely built-up, being covered by the northern suburbs of Paris. Pays de France is also known as the plaine de France ("plain of France"), and the name of this old pays still appears in the name of some communes in the northern suburbs of Paris, such as Roissy-en-France (which literally means "Roissy in the pays de France").


As of the census of 1999, the population was .
The estimate for 2006 was .


Roissy-en-France is served by no station of the Paris Métro, RER, or suburban rail network. The closest station to Roissy-en-France is Aéroport Charles de Gaulle 1 station on Paris RER line B. This station is located inside Charles de Gaulle International Airport, on the part of the airport belonging to the commune of Tremblay-en-France, 3 km.(1.9 miles) from the town center of Roissy-en-France.


Roissy is the location where the action of the two explicit, sadomasochistic novels Story of O (Histoire d'O), and Retour à Roissy, by Pauline Réage, take place.

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