Hisham I

Hisham I of Córdoba

Hisham I or Hisham Al-Reda (هشام بن عبد الرحمن الداخل) was the second Umayyad Emir of Cordoba, ruling from 788 to 796 in the Al-Andalus (Moorish Iberia).

Hisham was born in Cordoba. He was the 1st son of Abd ar-Rahman I and his wife, Halul and the younger half brother of Suleiman. He built many mosques and completed the Mezquita. In 792 he called for a jihad. Muslims arrived from abroad. The campaign took place in 793 against the Kingdom of Asturias and the County of Toulouse; in this second campaign he was defeated at Orange by William of Gellone, the Frankish count of Toulouse and first cousin to Charles the Great.


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