Himu (Bengali: হিমু) is a popular fictional character created by the popular Bangladeshi writer Humayun Ahmed in his novels.

Himu's real name is Himalaya. When Himu was young, his psychopathic father killed his mother so as to prevent her from interfering with the way he intended to bring him up. Himu is a shortened form of Himalaya. His father named him Himalaya because the Himalayas symbolized greatness. He could have also been named Akash (Sky), but the sky cannot be touched. His father tried to make him a Mahapurush (a great man, possibly with supernatural powers) by making him familiar with the evil, greedy, mean and cruel sides of the world.Later,When Himu grew up he thought that his father was not a psychopath, and he was right to try to make Himu a `Great Phillosopher'.

Himu is decidedly eccentric. This makes him popular with teenagers. The way he responds to situations is unpredictable and unusual. For instance, he can give a 500 taka note to a beggar or a rikshawpuller or he can spend a night in rail station - totally randomly. He attracts people by his great sense of humour. Himu appears to have the power to prophesise. Although he dismisses it as mere coincidences. Some people think Himu has similarity with the characters created by a Dostoyevsky. Himu has a girlfriend named Rupa whom he hardly contacts.

Himu's appearance is also odd. He always wears a yellow punjabi and carries a bag (Santiniketan Style). His cousin "Badal" is highly influenced by Himu's vagabond lifestyle and Badal tries to behave like Himu all the time.It's possible that some readers find his strange behaviour annoying or just bizarre e.g. having cockroach soup or fleeing with his uncle's mercedes. Despite that, in every book Himu is trying to improve the human condition using his `anti-logic'.

Although it is mentioned in the novels that the name "Himu" is short for Himalaya, Humayun Ahmed said he actually derived Himu from his own name, Humayun. When asked whether Himu is his alter ego, he said that he is half Himu, and half Misir Ali (another popular character from his books). In the foreword to one of his books, he mentioned that while writing stories about Himu, he feels that he himself is Himu and this feeling isn't there whien he is writing any other book.

In the recent stories of Himu,his super natural powers are increasing.In the early novels he tricked people by is influencing presence,and he lead them to a pre-determined future (he set up the situation,as people didn't know,they thought that as a supernatural power,ie "Chole Jay Boshonter Din") but now he can make an infertile woman pregnant by the breath of his mouth.Some fans are worried about his metamorphosis,they do not want him to be a mystic but they want him to remain the old funny HIMU.

Novels About Himu

  1. Mayuurakshee (ময়ূরাক্ষী)
  2. Darojar Opashe (দরজার ওপাশে)
  3. Himu (হিমু)
  4. Parapar (পারাপার)
  5. Ebong Himu (এবং হিমু)
  6. Himur Hate Kaekti Neelpadmo (হিমুর হাতে কয়েকটি নীল পদ্ম)
  7. Himur Dwiteeyo Prohor (হিমুর দ্বিতীয় প্রহর)
  8. Himur Roopalee Ratri (হিমুর রূপালী রাত্রি)
  9. Ekjon Himu Kaekti Jhin Jhin Poka (একজন হিমু কয়েকটি ঝি ‍ঝি‍ পোকা)
  10. Tomader Ei Nagore (তোমাদের এই নগরে)
  11. Chole Jay Basonter Din (চলে যায় বসন্তের দিন)
  12. Se Ase Dheere (সে আসে ধীরে)
  13. Angul Kata Joglu (আঙ্গুল কাটা জগ্লু)
  14. Holud Himu Kalo Rab (হলুদ হিমু কালো র‌্যাব)
  15. Aaj Himur Biye (আজ হিমুর বিয়ে)
  16. Himu RemandE (হিমু রিমান্ডে)
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