Highway 2 (PE)

ISO 3166-2:PE

ISO 3166-2:PE is an ISO standard which defines geocodes: it is the subset of ISO 3166-2 which applies to Perú. It covers 25 regions.

The first part is the ISO 3166-1 code PE for Perú, the second part is a three-character-alphabetic marking the region within Perú.


Region Code
Amazonas PE-AMA
Ancash PE-ANC
Apurímac PE-APU
Arequipa PE-ARE
Ayacucho PE-AYA
Cajamarca PE-CAJ
Callao PE-CAL
Cusco PE-CUS
Huancavelica PE-HUV
Huánuco PE-HUC
Júnin PE-JUN
La Libertad PE-LAL
Lambayeque PE-LAM
Lima Region and Lima PE-LIM
Loreto PE-LOR
Madre de Dios PE-MDD
Moquegua PE-MOQ
Pasco PE-PAS
Piura PE-PIU
San Martín PE-SAM
Tacna PE-TAC
Tumbes PE-TUM
Ucayali PE-UCA

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