HiLyte Fluor

HiLyte Fluor

Molar mass
HiLyte Fluor 488 acid 497 525 519.50
HiLyte Fluor 555 acid 550 566 869.10
HiLyte Fluor 647 acid 650 675 1003.26
HiLyte Fluor 680 acid 678 699 1155.38
HiLyte Fluor 750 acid 753 778 1029.29

HiLyte Fluor is a family of fluorescent dyes produced by AnaSpec.

They are a series of fluorescent labeling dyes that span the visible spectrum. The full family includes acid, acid SE, amine, and C2 maleimide forms.

These dyes were developed as an alternative to Alexa Fluor and cyanine dyes.


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