Hetman Bialystok

Hetman Białystok

Hetman Białystok (formerly known as Gwardia Bialystok) is a Polish football club based in Podlaskie Wojewodztwo. They play in the Division IV or the (4th) League.

As of December 31, 2007, they are 11th of 16 in the league with 16 points (4 wins at 3 points, 4 ties, 8 losses).


Gwardia was organized in 1948 as a Polish Citizens' Militia's (Communist Police) club. The name Gwardia used to be a common name for any Citizens' Militia's sports' club in Poland. Many players were soldiers serving in the Polish Army who were assigned to the units in or near Bialystok City.

Gwardia Bialystok was the first team from Bialystok after World War Two to advance to the II (2nd) League, but survived there only one season (1951-1952) before being relegated to the III (3rd) League.

With the fall of the Communist Oligarchy and the cessation of sponsorship, the club was forced to temporarily disappear in 1990.

The club was reactivated soon after when it changed its name from Gwardia to Hetman. The club also added three other sections: amateur boxing, judo, and contract bridge.


All players are Polish nationals.

Coach: Miroslaw Mojsiuszko.






  • II (2nd) League: One season (1951-1952)
  • III (3rd) League: Group champion (2nd group out of 4 groups) (1953)

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