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The Legend of Heroes IV: A Tear of Vermillion

The Legend of Heroes IV: A Tear of Vermillion is a role-playing game developed by Nihon Falcom Corporation. It is the fourth game in the The Legend of Heroes series, and the second in the series' "Gagharv Trilogy". It was originally released in 1996 for the NEC PC-9801. This was followed by a 1998 release for the PlayStation and a 1999 release for Microsoft Windows PCs.

Another version of the game was released for the PlayStation Portable in 2005. This version was later translated and released in the United States, making it the first US-released Legend of Heroes game since Dragon Slayer: The Legend of Heroes for the TurboGrafx-16. The US release dropped the number from the title, and was known as simply "The Legend of Heroes: A Tear of Vermillion".

Some confusion was caused by the US release of this game. While the remake of The Legend of Heroes IV was the first to be released in the US, the PSP remake of its predecessor, The Legend of Heroes III, had been released several months before it in Japan. The Legend of Heroes III was eventually released in the US in 2006, with its title changed to The Legend of Heroes II: Prophecy of the Moonlight Witch.


From the manual:

"The World and People of El Phildin"

In the world of El Phildin
In the beginning, there was light and darkness.

Bardus of Light, and Octum of darkness
They were opposing, yet inseparable
At the end ot that eternal rivalry
The spirit of the earth, Durga appeared

The spirit breathed life into the Earth,
and in the end created Man.
Under the Divine protection of darkness and light, and the spirit
Man continued in prosperity

However, mankind was a childlike, imperfect existence
They looked for profit, carried on in excess
And brought chaos into the Earth
Warping the ways of the Gods.

Light wanted to maintain the world as it was
while darkness sought to destroy it and begin again.
And then, with the spirit in a neutral stance, the gods fought each other,
and in the end it seemed Bardus had sealed Octum

However, light and darkness are an inseparable existence
In sealing half of himself, Bardus' body was smashed into pieces
And before long, the family of Durga also went to sleep.

The Story

Pre-Prologue Sequence

The setting for the fourth of the Legend of Heroes and the first in the Gagharv Trilogy takes place in a fictional land "El Phildin." The story begins with an insight to the past. Avin and Eimelle are orphaned children living in Cathedral. Avin was 8 while Eimelle was 7. Avin retrieves milk for the cat Eimelle brought into the chapel. They both watch the kitten drink to its content. Before long, Oracle Ollesia yells at them to take cover. Cathedral is under attack.

Lord Bellias and his minions attack the chapel. He is after Eimelle who he calls "Durga's Daughter." He is stopped by Supreme Priest Esperius. Both have a conversation of how Bellias used to be destined to lead the Bardus Church someday and how Bellias became traitorous. The two wizards fight each other. Esperius dies after being attacked with a rising spell.

The two kids and their oracle attempt an escape before being captured by Bellias. Gawaine, the "Sage of power," fights to fend off the attack. The rest make an exit to the monster cart. The cat screeches after hearing the spell cast. Avin tried to rescue the cat, but is left in Gawaine's care. Ollesia and Eimelle escape to another place.


Avin wakes up in the "Sage of Mercy's" house. Avin feels sick that he couldn't save Eimelle. Lemuras, the Sage of Mercy, tells him that he heard about the situation from Gawaine. He tells him that he coudn't do anything. Avin asks about Eimille only to hear that he doesn't know. Lemuras tells him that there will be a grave situation if he knew about her existence. He tells Avin to deliver a letter to someone in Ourt Village. There, he learns about his home. After getting the letter, someone chases him. That person is Mile. He gets a red marble and then goes back. Sage Lemuras tells him of the Festival of Nepthys, the town deity. Avin joins Mile in finding the two charms and throws them into the pond going the Nepthys' shrine to grant the wish. Avin wishes to see his sister again.

Main Characters

Avin (Age 17): The main character of this story. He sets out on a journey to find his sister Eimelle who has been separated from him for years. he has a short temper and angers easily.

Eimelle (Age 15): A kindhearted and modest girl. Avin's young sister and the only family of Avin since being orphaned. She even heals her enemies as evidence with the conclusion of the second fight against Fatima.

Rutice (Age 16): A heroine of this tale. A member of the heretics under Bellias, but seeks the truth.

Mile (Age 18): Avin's close friend. He is concerned about Avin, and travels together with him.

Shannon (Age 17): A pure and innocent girl. She believes that Mile is the ideal man since being saved by Mile. Actually, he was the first person she saw when she woke up.

Major Bardus Church Officials

Professor Ollesia: One of the clerics that cared for Avin and Eimelle before the Cathedral was attacked. She runs the Benequia Monastery near New Borun. She knows where Eimelle is because she took Eimelle to safety when Cathedral was attacked.

High Priest Croir: The successor to Supreme Priest Esperius. He is plagued with problems from the Octum Apostles. He helps Avin defeat Octum by helping him with his health and mentaliity

Abbott/Oracle Avarice: The ringleader of corrupt Bardus Church officials. He cares for nothing but money. He allied with the Garica Company, the most corrupt known company. When he arrives at Benequia Monastery, he lifts the ban on Meefa hunting. For more information, read below.

Bardus: Appears after the Defeat of the last boss, Octum. He is the God of Light. He appears Avin's sword infused with all of Bardus' body parts. He allows Avin to get Mile's soul back from Hades.

Major Octum Apostles

Lord Belias: The ruler of Octum Apostles. He is defected from the Bardus Church. He defected after going to Versaria, or Truth Island. He plans to revive Octum and start the world over again.

Borgeid: The right-hand mand to Lord Belias. He has a lot of magical energy. He helps unlock the Four Gods' evil spirit by corrupting them. He is killed by Madram.

Bernard: A former partner to Rutice. He and Rutice were on a mission to ge Kabessa, or Bardus' Head, from Avin. He is full of brute force. He accomplishes his mission, but is killed because Lord Belias said that if he used brute force, it may have killed Durga's Daughter, which almost happened.

Octum: The God of Darkness, or recreation in the eyes of the Octum Apostles. He is the final boss of the game. He is revived through the powers of the Book of Life and Durga's Daughter. He takes the form of an evil mutated spider.

The Two Warring Religions

Bardus Church

These are priests and nuns committed to serving the god of light. They rule over most of El Phildin. During Supreme Priest Esperius' rule, the capital was Cathedral. It was moved to Valkd, because he feared something evil would happen. The organization is based in the region of Dusis. There is a monastery in Boreas, where they rule over the Spirit Forest. It is the religion for most people

It should be noted that there is corruption in the Church. Oracle Avarice was in charge of a situation in Kanaphia Island, when he was Abbot of Brizahc. The Octum Apostles attacked Kanaphia. He turned the paladin back to Valkd. Because there was no assistance, Durga's Daughter 15 years ago died and an assassin formed. Also, Oracle Avarice lifted the ancient ban on the Meefa, the endangered sacred animals of the Spirit Forest. He wanted Meefa skin. Avin, Mile, Archem, and Douglas asked him to lift the ban. Soon after the confrontation, the town's air became poisonous. Only after rescuing the Meefa did Oracle Avarice confess his crimes. Professor Ollesia regained power and restored the ban on Meefa.

Octum Apostles

The occult group originated in, ironically, Dusis. They seek to revive Octum to rebuild the Earth. They have attacked the Church, but few records exist of them. There are a series of books in the fiction section. The Royal Family have recorded incidents against the Church. Those records are not available to the public.

The leader is the traitor Lord Bellias. He is a very powerful warlock. He has created an entrance to the Sealed Land. Their power comes from the forbidden Book of Life. They seek Durga's Daughter to help in the revival process. They made a big mistake once by killing the former Durga's Daughter.

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