The Herkie (aka Hurkie) is a cheerleading jump named after Lawrence R. Herkimer, the founder of the National Cheerleader's Association and former cheerleader at Southern Methodist University. This jump is similar to a side-hurdler and to the abstract (double hook), except instead of the bent leg's knee being pointed downward, it should be flat while the other leg is straight out to the side of the jumper.

The jump is speculated to have been invented because Herkie wasn't able to do an actual side-hurdler. Common misspellings include: Hurky, Herky.

Jump Position

In a left herkie, the jumper has the left leg straight out to the side and the right leg bent flat beneath them. In a right herkie, it is the opposite. When used as a "signature" at the end of an organized cheer, the jumper typically bends their weaker leg.

Arm Positions

The two most common arm positions while performing a herkie are a high V (with hands extended in blades if desired) or having the same hand as the bent leg on the hip while the other arm stretches to reach the straight leg's toe. Squads typically choose a common position for all members to use for uniformity and a cleaner routine.


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