The brand is part of Cia. Hering, which includes Hering Kids (basic children's clothing), Dzarm (fashion clothing) and PUC. (children's clothing). Cia. Hering is one of the oldest Brazilian companies still in activity, founded by brothers Bruno and Hermann Hering, in 1880. The company is still owned by the Hering family.

Similar characteristics can be seen with GAP, major American clothing retailer - both produce very similar and non-expensive products (basic clothing).

The company was founded in Blumenau, Santa Catarina, and its headquarters and major factories are still in this city. Hering is the major employer in the city (when not including public jobs).

Hering also exports its products worldwide, and it's considered one of the best companies on social investments inside the Brazilian territory.

Cia. Hering is Latin America's biggest textile-clothing retailer.

Hering Store

Their first store opened in 1993. It's considered one of the largest clothing chains in Latin America with franchises in Europe, Asia, and Middle East.

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