Hendrik Franciscus

Hendrik Franciscus

Tollens, Hendrik Franciscus, 1780-1856, Dutch poet. Among the leading Dutch romantics, he was popular for his homely and sincere patriotic verse. His principal work (1819) was an account of the Barentz expedition (1596-97), translated into English as The Hollanders in Nova Zembla (1884). He added the patronymic Caroluszoon to his name.

(population: 22,966 in 2004) is a town and municipality in the western Netherlands. It is located in the Dutch province of South Holland, on the island of IJsselmonde, and borders with Zwijndrecht, Ridderkerk, and the Noord River. The jurisdiction of the municipality covers an area of 11.99 km² (4.63 mile²) of which 1.26 km² (0.49 mile²) is water. It comprises no other population centres.

Until 1855, the town was known as Hendrik-Ido-Schildmanskinderen-Ambacht en de Oostendam. Then it merged with Sandelingen-Ambacht and its full name for a period of time was Hendrik-Ido-Oostendam-Schildmanskinderen-Groot-en-Klein-Sandelingen-Ambacht.


The area has been populated from circa the year 1000 CE. Agriculture and animal husbandry were the only means of existence for many centuries. All lands were owned by or in control of the nobility of Dordrecht. Not until the Eighty Years' War some industrial activities began to appear along the river dike. Furthermore, horticulture and flax growing also developed.

Because of the rapid industrial growth in Germany and the daily tides, 2 citizens of Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht started a ship breaking yard which grew into an industry resulting in the town becoming worldwide known as the "ship breaking village".

The establishment of industries in the region changed the centuries-old seasonal labour to permanent work opportunities with higher wages. Only a few monumental farms and buildings, including the 14th century Reformed Church, remain as a reminder of its historic past. (Source: Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht Official Website)

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