Hempstead Branch

West Hempstead Branch

The West Hempstead Branch is an electrified rail line and service owned and operated by the Long Island Rail Road in the U.S. state of New York. The branch begins at Valley Interlocking, just east of Valley Stream station, and runs northeast to West Hempstead. LIRR maps and schedules indicate that the West Hempstead Branch service continues west along the Montauk Branch from Valley Interlocking to Jamaica. St. Albans, the one station between Valley Stream and Jamaica, is, however, served by more Montauk Branch (Babylon Branch service) trains than West Hempstead Branch trains. Since Valley Stream only has platforms on the Atlantic Branch, which parallels the Montauk Branch to the south, most West Hempstead Branch trains that serve Valley Stream are shuttles that terminate there.


Not to be confused with the former Southern Hempstead Branch, the West Hempstead Branch was originally built in 1893and actually connected beyond West Hempstead into Country Life Press and even Mineola Stations until the 1960's. Sometimes referred to as the Garden City Branch, this segment also included a wye near Mineola, which crossed the main line and connected to the Oyster Bay Branch until 1928.


Miles (kilometers)
to Penn Station
For continuing service to points west, see City Terminal Zone
Saint Albans
Linden Boulevard and Montauk Street, Saint Albans
14.0 (22.5) Bus (New York City Bus):Q4
Springfield Gardens
Springfield Gardens
closed October 30, 1979
Valley Stream
Franklin Avenue and Sunrise Highway, Valley Stream
17.7 (28.5) Transfer to Far Rockaway and Long Beach Branch trains
Bus (MTA Long Island Bus): N1, N2, N3
Foster Avenue and Motley Street, Malverne
Hempstead Avenue and Utterby Road, Malverne
19.9 Bus (MTA Long Island Bus): N31, N32
Woodfield Road and Eagle Avenue, Lakeview
21.1 Bus (MTA Long Island Bus): N15
Hempstead Gardens
Hempstead Gardens Drive and Chestnut Street, West Hempstead
21.8 Bus (MTA Long Island Bus): N15
West Hempstead
Hempstead Avenue and Hempstead Gardens Drive, West Hempstead
22.4 Bus (MTA Long Island Bus): N15, N31, N32


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