[hel-i-kon, -kuhn]
Helicon, Gr. Elikón, mountain group, c.20 mi (30 km) long, central Greece, in Boeotia; it rises to 5,736 ft (1,748 m). Helicon formed part of the border between ancient Boeotia and Phocis. In Greek legend it was the abode of the Muses and sacred to Apollo. The fountains of Hippocrene and Aganippe are on the slopes of Mt. Helicon. The temple of the Muses was situated in the eastern part of the mountain, at the foot of which were Thespiae and Ascra, home of Hesiod.
or helicon

Spiral circular bass or contrabass tuba. Traditionally made of brass, it is now often made of fibreglass for lightness. The helicon was probably first developed in Russia but was perfected in Vienna in 1849 by Ignaz Stowasser, who manufactured it in various sizes. John Philip Sousa designed a removable and rotatable bell for the instrument in 1892, giving the new design his own name. Designed for portability, the instruments have become standard in marching bands.

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